Heartstar: A Tabletop Role-playing Game

Heartstar by Veo Corva. A glowing stag with a ball of purple flame above its antlers stands in a magical, alien forest.

Author: Veo Corva

Publisher: Witch Key Fiction

Pages: 64

Published: Coming Soon!


Heartstar is a cosy tabletop role-playing game of everyday magic in the stars where you will play as a cosmoran traveller, an animal-like being of crystalline energy wrapped in flesh.

Welcome to Geminus. The twin inhabited planets of the Heartstar system are lightyears away from the nearest inhabited planet: Earth. Geminus is a world of everyday magic, where nature defines and guides technology, where the stars determine your shape and size, where travellers are venerated and home is wherever you make it.

On these two planets sit real and living gods who have overseen cosmorans for generations. In the Elder Grove of Viridus grows The Flowering Ancient, the enormous tree from which all cosmorans fruit and hatch. In the depths of Ocean Throne on Profundus lives The Starfire Ancient, the shapeshifting progenitor of all cosmorans, who sees all but interferes little.

This world is vast and its stories are small. But small is not the same as insignificant. Here you will make friends, make homes, and decide who you are.

Heartstar features:

  • tokens rewarded for kindness and role-playing, which players can redeem for advantages
  • a freeform skill system
  • a fun ability list which encourages play both in and out-of-character
  • a level-up system which encourages players to reflect on how their characters have grown
  • a large amount of world-building on a variety of aspects of cosmorans life and culture
  • a focus on homebrew and player creativity

Heartstar will be available digital-only as a full-colour, lightly illustrated PDF but comes with a text-only accessibility EPUB, a print-friendly edition, and printable character sheets.

(Cover illustration by Tithi Luadthong)

Coming Soon!

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