The Beautiful Decay by Veo Corva

The Beautiful Decay by Veo Corva. Cover art of a dark-skinned necromancer holding a chubby cat and casting a vibrant red spell. Red mushrooms like blood stains bloom from the white marble walls behind her.

Author: Veo Corva

Publisher: Witch Key Fiction

Published: tbc


What do the dead have to fear?

Something strange is happening in sleepy subterranean Tombtown. Necromancers are disappearing. The crypt is changing. And strange crimson fungi are spreading.

Usther is seeking purpose, so when the goddess of undying calls on her to investigate an unknown threat to the crypt, she jumps at the chance. She is lost and lonely and determined to do something.

Ree is searching for her missing mentor. An archivist and shapeshifter, she knows the crypt better than anyone, but she soon discovers that it is fast becoming unfamiliar to her — and dangerous to everyone she loves.

For Tombtown to survive, Usther and Ree will have to face nightmarish mushrooms, self-righteous paladins, and their own traumatic pasts. Because whatever is happening has something to do with the traitorous friend they’ve both been trying to forget for eight years.

Chandrian Smythe.

Content warnings
Contains undead, mild-moderate fantasy violence, fungal horror, and fantasy threat.

(Cover art by Dona Vajgand)

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