Mental Image and Romantic Gift (Microfiction Roundup)

Mental Image and Romantic Gift (Microfiction Roundup)


She opened her eyes. The people who had joined her were now an assortment of creatures, fae, werewolves and catfolk, smiling at her from the blank white space of the loading screen.

‘How … why?’

A fox person stepped forward. ‘This reality uses our mental images of ourselves.’ He gestured to her. ‘This is you.’

She looked down and saw scales and clawed feet. She shrugged her shoulders and felt her wings lift and spread.

She bared her fangs and prepared to fly.



‘I know I’ve been busy. But I’m putting that behind me.’ The mage’s hands were behind her back.

He smiled. ‘I’m glad.’

‘I, um — I have a gift for you.’


‘Close your eyes and hold out your hands.’

Something warm and wet hit his palm with a fleshy slap.

‘Oh. It’s –‘

‘My heart!’ She tugged on the collar of her robes, revealing a thick scar. ‘It took some work, let me tell you! Do you like it?’

‘I love it.’ He kissed her softly, heart cradled in his hands.

Written for Mastodon.

Image by ArtsyBee / Oberholster Venita, used under CC0

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