Post series: Co-Writing with AI Dungeon

No plan. No direction. And a co-writer who can’t quite impersonate a human. These are the unedited results of my twitch stream in which I attemptted to co-write a story with AI Dungeon.

In light of the theft of creative works to use as data sets for AIs, I want to make clear that I do not think AI should be used if they incorporate works without explicit permission from the creators. Playing with this AI was fun; plagiarism is not. And while AI Dungeon and NovelAI as I experienced them were a long way from being able to rival or re-create real writing, as we’ve seen with AI-generated art that can change very quickly and I’m certain I didn’t have the full picture of what might have been plagiarised.

I wanted to acknowledge that and to state that I will not be co-writing with AIs even in fun until I can be sure that the AIs in question were fair to the creators they trained on.

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