The Old Goat and the Alien by Veo Corva

The Old Goat and the Alien by Veo Corva. A large brown goat wearing a cloak with a glowing prosthetic leg and a ball of pink fire above their head sits on a grassy hill beside a human woman with brown skin and dark hair in a long plait. She is wearing a hand-knit hoodie in sunset colours. Both are gazing up at a purple night sky full of falling stars and look very comfortable.

Author: Veo Corva

Publisher: Witch Key Fiction

Published: 3 June 2024

Formats: .EPUB, .MOBI, Paperback

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-7394742-2-5

ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-7394742-3-2

Pages: 260



Avari keeps to themself. They’re a goat-shape cosmoran, a member of the Cleaners’ Union, and a bit of a grump. That suits them just fine. They don’t have any friends, and that’s fine, because they have siblings. And if their siblings have all grown away from them to start their own lives, then that’s fine, too. Really.

But then Avari meets a lost alien in the Elder Grove, and that is not fine. Everyone is telling Avari that this alien is their responsibility just because she’s lost on an unfamiliar planet. Avari can barely tolerate cosmorans; how are they supposed to cope with a human housemate?

To get Jenna the human out of their home, Avari is going to have to do several unthinkable things. They’ll have to leave the house, talk to strangers, and even travel to the terrifying ocean planet that is the binary twin of their own. They’ll have to learn about Earth and go to board game parties and meet some of the strangest people in the city.

They might even have to make friends. But the trouble is, Avari isn’t sure they deserve them.

The Old Goat and the Alien is a cosy, slice-of-life space fantasy with an all-queer cast set on the binary planets of Geminus in a far-away star system. Geminus is populated by cosmorans, sentient creatures whose shape is determined by the stars at their hatching and who bear a striking resemblance to the animals and mythical creatures of Earth.

Content warnings
The Old Goat and the Alien is a very gentle book, but it does touch lightly on topics like transphobia, gender dysphoria, the stress of life under capitalism, misunderstanding autistic people, dealing with bureaucracy, and difficult parents.

(Cover Illustration by Meg James)


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