Someone To Talk To

Another microfiction written for Mastodon. I hope you enjoy it!

‘I just wish I had someone to talk to,’ I said to my reflection.

‘Me too,’ she replied.

I froze. A hundred horror scenes came back to me in a rush, a thousand alternative world plots-turned disaster. But she looked as tired as I felt, and my own hope was reflected in her eyes.

She put her hand on the mirror. I took it, and drew her through. She gasped like she was surfacing from deep underwater.

We talked long into the night. Our troubles were much the same, but viewed from different angles.

When the sun threatened to break the horizon, we said our goodbyes at the mirror.

‘I always thought mirror-people were evil clones,’ I said.

‘Maybe I am,’ she said. ‘But I think we both have flaws.’

We smiled. Then she drew a deep breath and took a horizontal plunge.

When the ripples faded, I could see only myself, but that was no longer a disappointment.


Image by StockSnap, used under CC0.

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