The Shock Frog

There’s a crackle of electricity as you look up from your phone. Just as you realise it’s coming from your computer, something bursts from the screen in a flash of light and trailing lightning.

It lands with a plop on your desk. It’s a frog, lit up from inside like a firefly. It blinks at you slowly, first one eye and then the other.

Before you can move, it leaps again, this time vanishing with a hum and snap into your speakers. It emerges again a moment later.

You hold out your phone. It ribbits, chest bobbing, then leaps for you. It hits the phone with a wet slap and vanishes inside. The charge bar on your phone fills up, then it crawls back out of the screen, long feet splayed.

Hesitantly, you touch its head. Its eyes squeeze in happiness. Your fingertip has a gentle prickling sensation, not entirely unpleasant.

It stays with you for a long time, climbing back into your phone whenever the battery gets low. All it seems to want is company.

I did a poll on Mastodon today and people voted for a microfiction about a cute fantasy creature. So here we are! A shock frog.

Frogs are adorable and I will not hear otherwise.

Image by Angga Nugraha from Pixabay.

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