The Great Bear

People came from far and wide to seek the guidance of the Great Bear.

She was a fey of known importance; an enormous being with rune-carved bark in place of fur, with purple wisterias dripping from every knot and every whorl. Flowers bloomed in the heavy pawprints she left in the soil of the silver forests she called home.

Now, she paused in her tracks, for she sensed a small being on her trail.

Though she was known for her elusiveness, she had always allowed those in need to find her.

Now, a small pixie with glitter-green skin and silken flitter wings peered out at her from behind a tree.

‘What is it you seek?’ she asked, and it was hard to keep the weariness from her voice. It had been a long few centuries.

The pixie darted a few steps closer. ‘I want to help people, like you do,’ he said.

The bear was surprised.

She studied the pixie boy more closely.

‘It is not an easy thing to learn,’ she said.

‘I know,’ said the pixie. ‘If you’ll allow me, I’d like to remain with you. I can help you — I’m quick and small. If I run your errands, will you allow me to observe your ways?’

‘I will,’ said the bear, because that was fair and she hated to leave work undone when she had to hibernate.

So the pixie boy stayed and helped and learned, and the world was better for it.

For my friend Wysteria.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

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