The Guardian Queen

The queen, resplendent in tabby-and-white fur, regarded the spirit at the foot of the stairs with a lazy half-lidded glance.

‘And what is it you seek again?’ She asked in a delicate prrt.

The spirit rubbed its heavy clawed hands together. No larger than a tennis ball, it was nonetheless sharply scaled and sharper-toothed.

‘The stairs,’ it croaked. ‘Let me up! I will chew on the dreams of those who rule you, shredding them into nightmares.’

The queen’s tail thumped once in a heavy gavel-beat. ‘No one rules me,’ she said.

The spirit attempted to ascend a step.

Quick as a flash, she struck out at him with outstretched claws. He fell back, howling.

The queen resettled. She yawned, baring her teeth, and he drew further back. ‘I don’t think I will let you up, you know,’ she said. ‘Now go away. I won’t ask again.’

For October, all microfiction is dedicated to Gwenfar’s Garden in honour of her birthmonth! This one inspired by her kitty, Freya.

Image by David D from Pixabay

One thought on “The Guardian Queen

  1. Lol this reminds me of my friend and the story she told me about a little goblin that would always press on her shower curtain with its tiny claws. Never to be seen again after moving out of that house.

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