Discount Cactus

It was a stumpy thumb of a cactus. Discount stickers were layered thick over it, sharpie-ing on the low low price of 50p.

The child’s pleas won out, and they brought it home cuddled to their chest. The spines were soft as fur.

They kept it for years, watering and whispering to it. Filling its world with affection.

Until it climbed out of its pot. The child, now grown, gasped. But it only scurried to wrap stumpy green arms around their wrist in a hug, purring raspily.

This one is sort of based on a true story? Or at least, Joh got an unwanted little cactus from a garden centre for 50p and loved it for many years. They had it for more than a decade, and it was very loved.

This one’s for you, Curly the Cactus.

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