Human Kitten

‘Is that … a human?’

We crowded around the snivelling thing, bald and pink as a baby rat. I flicked my ears at my sister; she quirked her whiskers and shrugged.

‘Where are its parents?’ I asked. ‘Why does it just lie there?’

‘Human kittens can’t walk,’ my brother said knowingly. He seemed much less tense now, and stopped to wash a paw. ‘That’s why they meow so loud — they can’t keep up!’

‘Hmm,’ I said. ‘Well we can’t just leave it here.’

‘I’ll get it some fish,’ said my sister.

‘I’ll get it a blanket,’ said my brother.

‘I’ll sit on it,’ I said resolutely. We all nodded to each other. We would make sure this human kitten was raised properly.

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