#VicorvaStorytime: Merlin’s Minor Fetish

#VicorvaStorytime: Merlin’s Minor Fetish

Oh hey, time for a slightly icky VicorvaStorytime!

Have I ever told you about my cat’s fetish?

Okay so Merlin has always been a slightly creepy cat.

He likes to smell the places he’s sat and then he opens his mouth and pants to let the scent circulate around his senses (‘phlegming’).

He likes to stick his head into arm-pits, or shove his face inside open human mouths.

But probably the creepiest thing he does is worship sweat.

Merlin is *weird* about sweat. He reacts to it the way other cats react to catnip (which he has no interest in).

If you’ve been wearing a backpack on a hot day, Merlin will roll all over the back of it, bathing in stink.

If you’ve been out doing exercise, Merlin will frolick among your sweaty clothes, drooling and frothing in delight.

In fact, he loves sweaty clothes so much that he will, if left alone with them … eat them.

We learned fast that clothes need to go directly in the laundry basket or else he will chew holes in them.

And the king of all sweaty clothes is Joh’s clothes. Sweat directly from the back of Merlin’s favourite human.

We’ve kept sweaty things away from Merlin for a few years now as we don’t want him to destroy them.

I had thought that perhaps the fetish was over.

Then, last week, Joh got home from work on a hot day and got changed while Merlin was nearby.

The top was pretty much handed to him.

And Merlin reacted more strongly than I have ever seen.

He hugged it. He licked it. He chirped and grunted and scrubbed it against his face. He rolled on it. He nibbled it.

And he showed no sign of letting up.

I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder, if it’s between a cat and a sweaty shirt?

Anyway, that’s the story of my cat’s sweat fetish.

The end.

(This was originally created as a Mastodon thread.)


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