The cast of Tombtown — dollmaker style!

The cast of Tombtown — dollmaker style!

Having no art skills to speak of, it’s sometimes frustrating not to have even simple character art or references for my characters. I want to visualise them! And I want to share those visualisations!

I’ve been playing around a lot with doll makers and eventually came across Rinmaru’s Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator, a flash game and soon-to-be desktop game in which you came make the most beautiful and surprisingly customisable character portraits. Rinmaru has dozens of interactive story games and doll makers and is also available to support on patreon. I really recommend their amazing work!

Anyway, here’s the cast of Tombtown as created in Rinmaru’s doll maker, just for fun. They aren’t perfect but they are pretty damn close. I was unable to stop at just Ree once I got going …


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