Publishing woes and woots

Publishing woes and woots

This was originally patron-only content posted to patreon in October 2019.

In spite of some very stressful Life Stuff, this week has been very productive writing-and-publishing-wise. Huzzah!

I made big progress on TINKER & TERROR, my Tombtown short story in which experimental necromancer Veritas solicits a visiting tinker for help in getting his enormous Frankenstein-type monster to work.

I got the proof-reading back for FAMILIAR & FLAME and set about prepping it and MAKING FRIENDS for ebook publishing.

And it looks like I might be caught up on outstanding short stories by next week. Phew!

This week has largely focused on the PUBLISHING side of things. BOOKS & BONE was the first book I published so things like formatting the ebooks and submitting them to retailers was all new to me. It took me a VERY LONG TIME and much hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth.

But I know better now, right?

Well … yes and no.

It took me a LOT LESS TIME. I’ve definitely got a better grasp of the process now and I didn’t make any rookie errors. Short stories are also a lot shorter, which really does help!

I did also spend a lot of time trying to fix errors that … didn’t exist?

Look. It’s a complicated thing.

But for all the frustration, I really enjoy the publishing side of things. I can get really immersed in the formatting process and I do find it really satisfying when I get it right. I wish I had better tools, and maybe one day I’ll be able to afford them, but for now … I’m content.

Anyway! Here’s a small snippet from TINKER & TERROR:

Veritas watched its slow progress, drumming his fingers on his lips. Animating only the skull had been a stroke of genius, of course — none of the groaning and cumbersome weight of a regular minion, and without the hefty power cost of animating an entire skeleton. It was rather more restricted in function than a regular minion, particularly in the mobility department, but Veritas had thus far found it an able personal assistant.

Besides which, he was rather fond of watching the small minion make its awkward way about. It was amusing in the way of watching a puppy tackle stairs for the first time, and Veritas doubted he would ever tire of it.

Often finding the key minion of one of my TOMBTOWN characters helps me get at the heart of that character, and Veritas is such a weirdo it took me a while to find the right fit. And Anders the Skull is definitely the right fit.

Thanks so much to you all. I really appreciate your support.

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