#VicorvaStorytime: Corva and the Meteor Shower

#VicorvaStorytime: Corva and the Meteor Shower

Hot off the presses: a new #VicorvaStorytime !

It’s a quiet story of Corva and their friends beneath the stars.

So: In a very strange turn of events, I went to see the meteor shower last night on the advice of a 10 year-old.

Joh and I were playing fortnite with a friend and their 10 year-old sister and it seemed odd that she was still up.

She asked us: ‘Are you going to see the meteor shower?’

To which our answer was: ‘There’s a meteor shower??’

We did some frantic googling and then, in a stunning display of spontaneity unheard of among Corva-kind, we went and picked up said friend and my sister (who is also friend’s partner) and we went and watched the Perseid meteor shower from the top of a hill outside of town.

Because it was the day after the peak, there was nobody there even though it’s a common stargazing location.

So it was just the four of us in the dark staring up at the sky with our town laid out in lights below.

There were a lot of meteors. Much, MUCH brighter than the only other meteor shower I saw.

For one of our friends, it was their first experience of seeing meteors too, and it was a really good one.

Highlights include my sister naming a star ‘dickhead star’ for shining too brightly (it turned out to be Jupiter) and a meteor that only I saw that went off almost like a firework and caused everyone to exclaim at the flash.

We talked the whole time, too. Especially my sister and I, who rarely get to see each due to it being 2021.

We talked about stories and stars and science.

We left at 12am and didn’t get home until 3am. An incredibly long night for me, but I don’t think any of us really wanted to tear ourselves away.

It was perfect.

And that’s the story of how I made a spontaneus decision to see a celestial event on the advice of a 10 year-old.

The End.

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