I’m a guest on Alder’s Grove Fiction! ‘The Internet Paid for my Book to be Published’

I’m a guest on Alder’s Grove Fiction! I talk about my Kickstarter experience, a zero-risk crowdfunding campaign, small successes and the generosity of others. Definitely worth a read if you want to crowdfund but are concerned about the risk and the size of your following!

Special extra thanks to Lyn for this one because when she heard that I was excited to be guest posting on others blogs (I cannot really bear to blog on my own site for some reason) she immediately messaged me with ‘Would you like to guest post on mine?’

Which was so lovely.

And while you are there, do check out Lyn’s amazing free fiction!



2 thoughts on “I’m a guest on Alder’s Grove Fiction! ‘The Internet Paid for my Book to be Published’

  1. Lyn was a wonderful person, I am not at all surprised she invited you to her blog. I found out about your Non Player Character Kickstarter through someone from Toot Planet who was on Lyn’s Discord, and another person from there who was on another Discord I am a member of. I backed it and was excited about it.

    I didn’t get to ask Lyn if she bought your book, she died before NPC came out. It made me happy to see a link to her blog on your main page when I came here to look for the artwork of the characters in NPC. I finally got it loaded on my ereader and am reading it now.

    1. It was a surprise to see this message. Yes, Lyn was wonderful and supportive and I’m really grateful to have known her. I met Lyn through Toot Planet and she introduced me to some very dear friends.

      Thanks for this message. I hope you enjoy the book.

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