Introducing Cosmorans: Appearance

Introducing Cosmorans: Appearance
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Cosmorans are the sentient inhabitants of the binary planets Geminus in the Heartstar galaxy. The planets are Geminus Viridus (a largely terrestrial planet) and Geminus Profundus (a largely aquatic planet).


Cosmorans have an appearance reminiscent of Earth animals and creatures of Earth mythology. The specific shape of cosmorans is tied to the starsign under which they are born, and consequently cosmorans feel particularly connected to the stars. They range in shape from more traditional animals like cats, rabbits, sharks, birds, etc to more ‘mythological’ animals such as dragons, chimeras and similar, as well as variations on any and all.

The main things that separate cosmorans in appearance from Earth animals and Earth mythological creatures are: 1) starfire and 2) size and colour.

All cosmorans possess starfire: colour-changing balls of flame which float above their heads.

Cosmoran size does not heed the scale of Earth animals — cosmorans typically range in height from around 5ft-7ft in a natural standing position. This makes them significantly larger than humans. In colour, cosmorans can vary incredibly widely in patterning, colour, and even luster. Cosmorans can be brown, blue, pink — really any colour or combination of colour. What most cosmorans share is a certain sheen or luster to their colouring, sometimes even as far as irridescence or natural glitter. And all cosmorans have sparkling, starry eyes.

a brown goat with a prosthetic leg and magenta starfire.
The titular character, Avari. Art by @renardroi on mastodon and twitter.

Clothing & Adornments

Cosmorans often wear clothing and accessories of some kind, the most common being scarves, leg warmers, cloaks, and hats, as well as bags, bandoliers, pouches, and anything which provides them with pockets or portable storage. There is a particular like for beads and jewelry, though cosmorans do not value cut gems or precious metals the way humans do. They can also often be found wearing fabric wraps that create more of an outfit.

However, unlike many humans cosmorans do not equate clothing with modesty, and it is very common for cosmorans to wear nothing at all. The exact styles, patterns, and fabrics used can vary quite widely depending on the culture and settlement the cosmoran belongs to.

Formal and religious wear for cosmorans often involves the growing of plants, moss, and even flowers within the fur, feathers etc of the cosmoran. This is a more common trend among ‘gardeners’, those who use forgetech to tend and shape plants, and among priests and religious folk such as the Servants of the Flowering Ancient.



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