Toss a coin to your writer! Ko-fi Memberships for Corva-Supporters

Toss a coin to your writer! Ko-fi Memberships for Corva-Supporters

I have overcome my awkwardness long enough to ask for support! Quick, throw me a few pounds before I become overwhelmed by the agony of being perceived and crawl back into my writer’s lair!

Need more convincing? Yeah, that checks out …

The covers of my first three published books: Books & Bone, Kin: The Fantasy Tabletop Role-playing Game, and Non-Player Character.
My first three published books — the novel Books and Bone, the TTRPG Kin, and the novel Non-Player Character.

Why support me?

As a queer autistic writer creating worlds that centre queer and neurodivergent characters, I believe that my books have something to offer. In particular, as an indie queer autistic writer I am able to write the kinds of novels that traditional publishing wouldn’t touch. I am trying to publish the kinds of stories that appeal to people like me, rather than what a publishing executive believes will hit the broadest market.

Being a writer is a notoriously badly paid gig at the best of times, and of course I am a small indie author and not very well-known. I would appreciate the financial support and space to be able to write and make things. Truthfully, things are about to get a lot more difficult for me financially. I could use the support!

A screenshot from Salkere. You are talking to a cat outside a tent. The options are 'Here Kitty Kitty ...' 'Leave them alone' and 'Give them a respectful nod'.
A WIP screenshot from an RPG Maker game I’m working on.

What will you get in return?

Well, first and foremost I will write and make things and release them into the world. You’ll also be thanked in the acknowledgements of the novels I write and games I release, and I’ll be extremely grateful to you … pretty much every day.

I am drawn to long-form projects like novels, games, and ttrpgs. What that means is that it takes a while for people to see the results of my efforts. While I do regularly write and release blog posts on everything from fat acceptance to writing to gender thoughts, I currently release these for free for anyone to read and would prefer to keep it that way. So you’re supporting the work I already do rather than purchasing monthly rewards.

A snapshot of some of the categories of posts I make.

So … whaddya say?

Even a few pounds a month is an enormous boon to me. This kind of stable monthly income is invaluable to indie creators. It adds up quickly, too.

So if you are financially secure, a fan of my work (or a supporter of writers in general), and would like to support my future books, streams, games, and other creative endeavours, then please do consider signing up to a Ko-Fi monthly membership, even for just a few pounds a month.

If however you are not financially secure and want to support me, please instead look after yourself and perhaps review my books somewhere people will see it!

Finally, I’d like to thank the handful of wonderful folk who have been supporting me on ko-fi and elsewhere, some of you for years … I have been so fortunate to have your support and encouragement and remain ever grateful. 💙

Okay, I think that about covers it. *crawls back into my writer’s lair*


With thanks and awkwardness,


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